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Welcome to Alliance First Realty !

Alliance First is a new concept in real estate brokerage. Vancouver has changed and now needs a higher level of service.

Delivering higher quality requires a great location and high quality people. So we built the most luxurious real estate office & event centre in Vancouver! And we also need the top Agents. Not only tops in sales but also ethical and perceptive - and able to respond to the client's true needs. Our agents are capable of building genuine trust and establishing long term relationships instead of just transactional based business.

For those reasons we operate by the following Core Values.


Doing the right thing every time.


Live life with passion.


Commit and operate at 100% of ability.

New Possibilities

Be ready for new opportunities and possibilities.

Golden Rule

Treat others like you want to be treated.


Be grateful and show it.


Have fun.


Respect other people’s time and effort.

It’s a time for change.

Vancouver is changing

Vancouver offers one of the top living experiences in the world. Continuously voted as #1 or #2 world's best city to live in. Vancouver has beautiful waterfront everywhere, spectacular mountains with ski hills - and Stanley Park, the most popular city park in the world. Drawing more visitors than Central Park in New York. Vancouver has become a dream destination and is now a destination for investors.

...and the world is changing.

The Internet is changing the real estate landscape. Classical real estate brokerage systems will diminish in the near future. Adapt to the coming changes in the marketplace or it won’t be easy to survive.

For that reason, Alliance First with its Luxury Office Setting & Event Centre is delivering a new concept to the industry. It is difficult to explain with just words.

So we invite you to visit us at our Coal Harbour location. We are a short walk from Stanley Park and the waterfront is one block away.

Come and see what makes us special !

Address : COAL HARBOUR 1487 West Pender Street Vancouver, BC Canada V6G 2S3
Phone : 778.888.8888
Email : info@alliancefirst.ca

Our Team

For the new Realtor

Licensing regulations are changing. After November 2014, additional training is required by the Government. Alliance is ready for these requirements with our Alliance Certified© Training...

A new Residential Trading Services Applied Practice Course will be introduced in January 2015. There are major changes in the new course: A portion of the new course must be completed prior to licensing. Previously, individuals had 6 months to complete the Applied Practice course after receiving their licence. The new course includes online components, face-to-face classroom time, and field assignments that learners complete while working in their brokerage. Previously, the course was delivered in a classroom lecture format. The new course is longer: learners will spend 2.5 weeks in the course before they are licensed, and a further 4.5 months completing assignments after licensing.

Component One: Online learning completed over 14 days. Students should expect to complete assignments, participate in discussion groups, and use industry reference materials and forms. Component Two: Two days of in-class sessions. Focus is on role play to practice working with a buyer and seller using appropriate forms and licensee resources. Component Three: Five practical field assignments completed and submitted online over 4.5 months. Each assignment has clearly stated learning outcomes related to real estate services. Students, as licensees, should expect to perform these services with the supervision of their managing broker. Component Four: Final in-class day to review Agency, Disclosure and Contracts. Students will also address future professional development to strengthen their skills.


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Our Real Estate School
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Place: 1487 West Pender Street, Coal Harbour, Vancouver
Date: Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Time: 17:00-19:00
Les Twarog
Award Winning REALTOR ©
Special Guest Speaker

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Our Agents

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